Sea + Air – mehr brauchts manchmal nicht

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24. Mai 2012
20:00 Uhr
Location siehe Text, auswärts

SEA + AIR, das sind Daniel Benjamin & Eleni.

After 10 years of trying, writing, recording and playing over 1200 concerts all over the world as „Daniel Benjamin“ the married couple experienced a key moment in summer 2010: Supporting Whitney Houston on her European tour, they managed to silence huge arenas only with their two voices, realising that they had suddenly reached the goal of touching a mainstream audience by simply being who they are.

SEA + AIR have toured as support for artists like Sufjan Stevens, White Stripes, Jose Gonzalez, The Flaming Lips, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Woven Hand, John Grant and The Divine Comedy.

Am Donnerstagabend spielen sie gegen Spende im A30 und das könnte sehr sehr fein werden, wie es sich beim Durchklicken der Videos vermuten lässt.

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